On 28th of May 2016 Lumi Capital organized the first community event at Raadiku, which included the plantation of trees and flowers as well as a family entertainment program with music and handicraft.

The goal of such an event is to increase the accountability and general interest of the residents towards their home and community. People who care about their home contribute towards the goal of keeping the property clean and in a good condition.

„Raadiku municipal housing complex has 1,214 apartments“ said the deputy mayor of Tallinn Mrs. Eha Võrk. „The complex houses approx. 3,000 inhabitants (incl. 880 children), which equates to the whole population of smaller Estonian towns“.

Lumi Capital manages the Raadiku municipal housing complex after the transaction completed in August of 2015, where the property was acquired by LCN Capital Partners.
Lumi Raadiku

The community event „Let’s get together“ was organized in partnership with the Lasnamäe district office of the municipality of Tallinn.


Kentmanni 4, Tallinn 10116, Estonia (5. floor)

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