Lumi Capital and ELMO Rent started a unique partnership in February, 2018, which will allow all of Flora office building tenants to rent an  electric car for short terms. The offering is based on the belief of ever widening sharing economy, which is also developing in the real estate sector.

For comfortable use cars are parked in a parking lot of Flora office building. ELMO rental point remains freely available to other customers in the area.

"In our opinion a well-managed business environment is one that can add value to tenants and use innovative solutions, in this case a short-term car rental," commented Lumi Capital's partner Raiko Uri.

This approach is new for a number of reasons. The most important thing is the flexibility to plan a working day. Flora office building is located on the public transport hub near the center of Kristiine, Tallinn. This way Lumi Capital and ELMO Rent help to make Tallinn more care free and popularize the use of public transport and the sharing economy.

During the work day, ELMO Rent electric cars can be used easily and conveniently. The use of ELMO Rent cars are convenient, economical and fast. The service runs through a mobile application. Electric cars in Tallinn city are allowed to use a public transport trails, which helps to avoid traffic jams. ELMO Rent cars can be parked free of charge at rental points and in the city center of Tallinn.


Flora office building is located adjacent to the Kristiine shopping centre in Tallinn. The property is managed by Lumi Capital and is home to approx. 70 companies. Lumi Capital is a real estate investment management firm.

ELMO Rent is a short-term car rental company offering electric cars. There are 31 Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-Mev electric cars available for customers to use. The fleet will be expanding soon, both in terms of new models and cars.


Rotermanni 18/1, Tallinn 10111, Estonia (2. floor)

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