The Flora exhibition, which focuses on the history of Flora House (Tulika 19), Flora products and those who have played a key role in the success of the company, opened on 15 June.

Priisle kortermaja

The exhibition takes visitors back through time, using photographs and nostalgic displays to tell the fascinating story of the flagship of the Estonian chemical industry.

It is also designed to recognise the historical value of Flora House. Raiko Uri, a member of the board of Flora House, underscores the significance of the building’s heritage. “As those charged with preserving Flora House and the company’s former administrative building, we’re delighted that we now get to share the rich history of the site with visitors,” he said. “On the one hand the exhibition’s designed to keep memories of Estonian enterprise and industry alive, but on the other it’s about showing how much weight and value is added to buildings today when we recall what was here before us.”

Rita Kull, a former director of the company, is equally excited about the exhibition. “Flora holds a special place in the hearts of so many people in our community,” she said. “In its day it was renowned for its innovative products and for being so high-tech. Every employee was valued as an individual worthy of the company’s regard and respect. This exhibition is a doffing of the hat to all those who’ve dedicated themselves to Flora and contributed to its success over the years.” Next year the company will be celebrating its 135th anniversary and looking back on all that has happened in the years since it was founded. “It’s wonderful that we can share that history with others and give them a chance to be part of it,” Kull added. Flora House thanks all those who contributed to the exhibition and invites everyone to visit it.

Newly unearthed photos are constantly being added to its collection, which anyone is welcome to browse during the opening hours of the Flora House office building.

The exhibition of products will be open until at least 15 August on the 1st floor of Building A from 10:00-16:00 Monday-Friday.

The building’s administrator will be happy to open the exhibition space for anyone interested in visiting it. Admission is free.


Kentmanni 4, Tallinn 10116, Estonia (5. floor)

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